title>How Do I Register a Domain Name

How Do I Register a Domain Name?

There are many Domain Name Registrar Companies such as Network Solutions and Go-Daddy. When you apply for a Domain Name with one of the Registrar Companies, they first check to make sure that the name you have chosen is not already being used by someone else.

If the name is available, you then pay your fee and the name belongs to you for as long as you continue to pay the annual fee which can range from $3.95 to $50.00 per year.

Every website has a unique IP address which is a series of numbers identifying the site. The Domain Name Registrar needs to associate the IP address with the Domain Name. This is done via the Domain Name Server which tells the Registrar where to send the viewer when they type in the Domain Name (web address name).

While the Domain Name Server can be changed with the Registrar, it will save time if you register the Domain Name at the same time you sign up for your web hosting. Let the web design company help you register and sign up for hosting.

Warning: Be sure that when you register your Domain Name that you own it and not the web design company. There are several people and companies who will try to lock you into their services by registering the Domain Name as their own. If this happens, it may be very difficult or impossible to regain ownership of your own Domain Name.