What is a Domain Name?

The Domain Name is the "Text Name " version for your web site. With Domain Names such as MyCompany.com, the “MyCompany” is called the Second Level Domain and the .com is the First or Top Level Domain.

There are more First Level Domain Names than are listed here.
First Level Domains in the United States are typically selected for particular groups:

  • .com – Unrestricted but intended for commercial registrants
  • .net – Unrestricted but intended for network providers, etc.
  • .edu – Limited to 4-year degree-granting colleges and universities
  • .org – Unrestricted but intended for organizations that do not fit elsewhere
  • .gov – Restricted to United States government agencies
  • .mil – Restricted to United States military
  • .aero – Restricted to Air-transport industry
  • .info – Unrestricted use .name – For registration by individuals
  • .museum – Restricted for accredited museums worldwide
  • .coop – Restricted for business cooperatives such as credit unions and rural coops.
  • .biz – Unrestricted for businesses
  • .pro – Restricted for accountants, lawyers, physicians, and other professionals

It is also possible to register a First Level Domain Name outside of the United States with certain countries that do not have resident restrictions, a few of the more common one are:

  • .tv – Tuvalu
  • .to – Tonga
  • .ca – Canada
  • .cc – Cocas (Keeling) Islands

A complete list of country codes can be found at www.iana.org. There are links to the registrar of each country where more information is available. In general, registering outside the country or with specialized First Level Domain Names is a bit more costly.