Viewing Responsive Websites

Viewing any website to see if it is Responsive and how it looks in various screen sizes is easy when you use the "Web Developer" Add-on for Firefox.

  • In Firefox click on Tools > Add-Ons > Get Add-ons
  • Enter: Web Developer 1.2.5 ( the current version as of Sept 2014)
  • It will probably not show on the first page of results, so at the bottom of the page is "See all 4XX resuls" ... Click on that link.
  • Web Developer should be at or near the top. It's icon is a silver gear.
  • Click on "Web Developer"
  • Then on the next page click on "Add to Firefox
  • Click on Install
  • Return to Tools > Add-Ons > Extensions
  • Find the Web Developer 1.2.5 and click on Enable
  • Configure the Add-on by clicking on Options for the Add-on.
  • Your Web Developer Tool Bar should now be visible in the browser.
  • Click on the "Resize" and at the bottom of the dropdown menu you should see "View Responsive Layouts"